To ALL our Iraqi brothers and sisters;

March 23, 2007

We love you, and we are saddened by the immeasureable hardships you have undergone. Those of us at the gathering believe that the vast majority of us in the United States would never have made choices leading to the suffering so many are going through right now. We ordinary people continue to petition our government to do its part in ending the violence through peaceful means.

To those acting in violence, please invite loving-kindness, and the wisdom of compassion into your hearts. The fear and anger that moves you to violence can never bring anything but more fear and anger. We pray that you can find the power of compassion in your heart to heal and support you, that you may lay down your weapons.

To all of you, our brothers and sisters, our friends, our human family in Iraq: We want your lives to be wonderful. We wish you peace. We pray that you will soon find joy in each sunrise, and comfort in each sunset again. May your dreams of happy and full lives come true quickly, and may you soon find yourselves with beautiful memories once again.

We wish that you find friends where once there were enemies, and that all those you love are well, and close, and happy. We wish you joyful new beginnings, that give your life the chance to shine brilliantly into the world. May you experience the patient and kind power of compassion, generosity, and forgiveness. May all the loving-kindness of the universe bring healing, and joy to you now, and always.

From all of us at the Peace Gathering on March 20th 2007, 8pm

We love you. We pray for your happiness!


Love Letters to Iraq:

March 23, 2007

Please post your love letters here. Please post only letters about love, healing, redemption, wisdom, requests, etc. Only messages that forward the consciousness of lasting, and healing peace will be retained on this site.

Messages may be addressed to:

People of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, or other Mid-East country
Iraq Government
US Senate
US Congress
The Bush White House
Other involved governments

320 Peace Gathering 2007

March 23, 2007

On March 20th, 2007
In Los Angeles County, USA, A Peace Prayer & Meditation was Held on the 4th anniversary of the Iraq invasion.

We had a turn out of a small but powerful group of people committed to holding a space for peace, and loving-kindness for all the people of our beautiful planet – especially remembered in our thoughts: the People of Iraq. Although it was a small, and humble space, our hearts were great with desire for an immediate end to all violence and suffering in the Middle East.

This discussion is dedicated to forwarding the intention we began on Tuesday, March 20th: Communicating our requests of the combatants, our wishes for healing and happiness for all those whose lives are impacted by the violence in the Mid-East.

We urgently request that all parties acting in violence, look to the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity that unites us all, and cease harming each other. We pray that love and respect for each other may prevail.