320 Peace Gathering 2007

On March 20th, 2007
In Los Angeles County, USA, A Peace Prayer & Meditation was Held on the 4th anniversary of the Iraq invasion.

We had a turn out of a small but powerful group of people committed to holding a space for peace, and loving-kindness for all the people of our beautiful planet – especially remembered in our thoughts: the People of Iraq. Although it was a small, and humble space, our hearts were great with desire for an immediate end to all violence and suffering in the Middle East.

This discussion is dedicated to forwarding the intention we began on Tuesday, March 20th: Communicating our requests of the combatants, our wishes for healing and happiness for all those whose lives are impacted by the violence in the Mid-East.

We urgently request that all parties acting in violence, look to the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity that unites us all, and cease harming each other. We pray that love and respect for each other may prevail.


One Response to “320 Peace Gathering 2007”

  1. judiliscious Says:

    Hello Joseph! I just sent my 1st blog to “Love letters to Iraq”
    I am honored to be part of this grass roots movement toward
    BIG LOVE for Gaia and all who live upon her! NAmaste!

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