Love Letters to Iraq:

Please post your love letters here. Please post only letters about love, healing, redemption, wisdom, requests, etc. Only messages that forward the consciousness of lasting, and healing peace will be retained on this site.

Messages may be addressed to:

People of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, or other Mid-East country
Iraq Government
US Senate
US Congress
The Bush White House
Other involved governments


One Response to “Love Letters to Iraq:”

  1. judiliscious Says:

    NAMASTE my fellow “other selves”! I have had the great wisdom to follow my Souls longing, and have been utterly compelled to seek out and study, in depth MANY MANY great
    works, religions, philosophys, and as many of the LIVING luminaries as I can find!
    What I have found is ONE great commonality…
    They ALL say WE ARE ALL ONE! WE ARE ALL GOD! WE ARE ALL SOURCE ENERGY! WE ARE HOW THE STARS LOOK adoringly BACK AT THEMSELVES! I know we SAY this alot, and I feel NOW … globaly, we are at a critical mass on the vibrational shift into LOVE and ONE-NESS, and we must EXPECT nothing less.

    We ALL have lived from a DUALISTIC, SEPARATIST paradigm, to some degree or another. These beliefs have been handed down from generation to generation. HOWEVER, BECAUSE OF THE VAST STORES OF INFORMATION AVAILABLE ON LINE, Humanity has taken a Quantum Leap in knowledge, empowering us to break this chain of separatism. It is up to US to KEEP OUR FOCUS on the NEW PARADIGM offered by Quantum Physics and the union of SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY.

    OF COURSE, AS LOVE GAINS MOMENTUM, a Huge upsurge of effort from “the darker powers that be” ,in a last ditch desparate attempt… desparate to KEEP control will …most likely, be the things the NEWS MEDIA will cover, which fuel the fear machine that has gotten us here to begin with.

    Lets BE THE CHANGE the world needs, and with an unrelenting focus, refuse to buy into the “theres no hope” paradigm! It is up to us to practice, thus demonstrate by example for our NEXT GENERATION that it IS possible to keep this momentum going, despite SEEMING overwhelming NEWS to the contrary.

    (I suggest turning OFF the news, until they start reporting the wild outbreaks of total unconditional LOVE, which are happening all over the Globe and beyond YES….BOYCOTT THE NEWS!!!) IT IS THE NEWS THAT KEEPS US FILLED WITH CONTINUAL FEAR VIBRATIONS, WHICH ATTRACT MORE OF WHAT WE ARE AFRAID OF!

    Lets educate each other…with a kind word, a smile, a story of good will…lets be the change we want to see in this world, and beyond into eternity! I love you all, and I send warm wishes and immediate POSITIVE CHANGE in your immediate location, that will manifest in BIG, small & ALL ways…and lets make sure we acknowledge ALL the wins, and focus only upon THEM.
    If we LOOK for LOVE, we will find it…if we look for magic, again, we will find it everywhere! Oh, by the way, another very common thread running through the deeper philosophys is…and it is THE most important ingredient..and that is FORGIVENESS! for myself, I am working on ALWAYS filtering my interactions and/or thoughts through the filter of acceptance, forgiveness, and UN-conditional love. And finally, although this is just the first in a series of LOVE letters I plan to add to this blog…I’d like to share a very powerful point of view
    “Lets destroy our enemys…by making them our friends!” I love you deeply, as you…are me. Love, Peace and blessings of transformation right before your very eyes, this very moment! Judiliscious, from Glendale, CA

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